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/10 on 10: 2015/ February

/1/ couch slide2015-02-10_0001

/2/ Huggle Buggle’s turn2015-02-10_0002

/3/ love this kid2015-02-10_0003

/4/ chomp2015-02-10_0004

/5/ old tracks at Harper’s Ferry2015-02-10_0005

/6/ hold on to your hats!2015-02-10_0006

/7/ road weary2015-02-10_0007

/8/ daddy’s got you2015-02-10_0009

/9/ wheeeeee2015-02-10_0008

/10/ time to head home2015-02-10_0010

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/Letters to My Children/ January 2015


My sweet Jonah,

What a wild ride this month has been with you! Injuries, illnesses, and your newfound desire to get into everything that isn’t nailed down. There’s no taking our eyes off of you right now, that’s for sure. But for as mischievous as you’ve become, you’re also getting sweeter – and smarter – by the day. You’re at this awesome stage right now where every day you have a new word or a new trick and everything is starting to come together for you. As a parent, it’s a pretty incredible thing to witness. I can see the baby in you diminishing by the day, so I’m trying to enjoy every single  “wovey,” “nnnack!,” “tank you,” and “buppy.” I know all too soon they’ll turn into “lovey,” “snack,” “thank you,” and “up” and that bittersweet feeling of my baby turning into a toddler will wash over me. Not too fast, my sweet boy… not too fast.



2015-01-31_0002 2015-01-31_0003 2015-01-31_0004 2015-01-31_0005

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/10 on 10: 2015/ January

I’m thrilled to be back with the latest installment of 10 on 10! This has grown into one of my favorite projects and I’m teaming up with a truly awesome group of photographers on it this year. After you check out my 10, head on over to Christine’s blog to see her 10!

/1/ peek-a-boo barn

/2/ lines

/3/ hanging at the art wall2015-01-08_0003

/4/ sidle up2015-01-08_0004

/5/ snack2015-01-08_0005

/6/ well maybe if you hadn’t dumped the bowl out on your head…2015-01-08_0006

/7/ more please!2015-01-08_0007

/8/ Freeze!2015-01-08_0008

/9/ two can play at this game2015-01-08_0009

/10/ old and new feet2015-01-08_0010


/Letters to My Children/ December

Dear Emma and Jonah,

What a fun-filled month we’ve had! Christmas prep, Mommy & Me Princess Tea Party, cookie making… all capped off with an awesome Christmas. I saw something a few weeks ago that said people always say the best feeling in the world is being a little kid at Christmas, but really the best feeling in the world is being the parent of a little kid at Christmas, and that couldn’t be more true. Getting to experience the holidays through your eyes and seeing you love our family traditions as much as Daddy and I do filled me with more joy than I can adequately describe.

We kicked off Christmas Eve morning with a new tradition – Christmas donuts! Emma, you of course had your usual pink frosted with rainbow sprinkles, and Jonah had fruit because donuts don’t exactly make for healthy baby food… so maybe one of those traditions that was better in theory. ;)


Next we had our annual bowling trip, and everyone had a great time. Jonah, you weren’t quite big enough to roll the balls but you had a blast running around the bowling alley while Daddy and I chased after you to ensure you didn’t stick carpet food in your mouth. 2014-12-28_0002

The next morning it was time for the Big Show! Emma, you were so excited to see that Santa and his reindeer had eaten your cookies and carrots and even left you a little thank you note. Jonah, in true fashion, you were far more concerned with your blueberries than with opening presents but eventually got on board.
2014-12-28_0003 2014-12-28_0004 2014-12-28_0005

After a great morning just the 4 of us, it was time to head off to the grandparents’ houses! First up was Papa’s house, where you guys loved his train and got even more wonderful new toys.2014-12-28_0006

Then we went to Nana’s for more Christmas fun and the final batch of presents! We had a wonderful dinner together followed by some super yummy cake. 2014-12-28_0007 2014-12-28_0008

The next day was of course spent playing with your new toys. Emma, you started to get the hang of your new big girl bike and continued your obsession with the Jack-in-the-box, while Jonah strutted around the neighborhood in his baby Carhartts.2014-12-28_0009 2014-12-28_0010 2014-12-28_0011

All-in-all it was another great Christmas, the best part of which was spending time together as a family… without a doubt the greatest gift of all.





/10 on 10/ December

It’s my last 10 on 10 post of the year! Instead of sharing my usual 10 photos from a single day, I thought I’d do a year-end recap of my 10 favorite photos from 2014. I’m a little relieved that these were much harder to narrow down than I thought – a sign that I should feel really happy with my photography this year. In past years I had many technically good photos, or photos that were personally meaningful, but not many that accomplished both. This year was different. I discovered my vision, I captured what I wanted to remember, I took photos that made my heart sing. So without further adieu, my top 10 for 2014 (in chronological order)…

/1/ Oh, this face. This photo is just so her… girly, but messy, sweet but a little mischievous. Every cup of hot cocoa after sledding was an event unto itself last winter, and I reveled in watching her enjoy every last drop.2014-12-10_0001

/2/ This photo… this photo is every photographer mom’s holy grail. Both kids smiling and looking at the camera in good light. It happens once in a blue moon, and I’m so happy it happened by chance because it makes this photo that much more meaningful for me. Both still in their PJs, Emma’s hair a mess, Jonah snuggling with Emma’s lovey. Had I tried to plan this, it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well or meant nearly as much. I will love this photo forever and ever.2014-12-10_0002

/3/ This photo makes my heart so happy… I hope I can always make her feel this content and secure.2014-12-10_0003

/4/ This photo means so much more to me than meets the eye. This was taken at the cabin and it was one of her very first times having french braids. She looked so grown up. But just under the braid you can see the tick bite on her neck – a traumatic experience for all involved and juxtaposed with the braid it was a reminder to me that she’s still so vulnerable. She was laying on her daddy’s lap here and I remember feeling in that moment how this photo still makes me feel… in awe of her beauty, her fragility, the ache of a mama’s heart who can’t stop time.2014-12-10_0004

/5/ As much as I want to remember the good stuff, it’s important to remember the struggle, too. So many nights after work and daycare were spent just like this. All Jonah wanted was to be held by his mama, but dinner had to get made. I was already so tired, but couldn’t say no to that face, those eyes. So this was our beautiful compromise.2014-12-10_0005

/6/ My favorite shots of Emma are always the ones where I feel like I thoroughly capture her personality. This kid has energy for days and jumping on the bed is one of her all-time favorite things to do.2014-12-10_0006

/7/ This is my second favorite image of the two of them. Every morning they would stand at that window and watch their dad walking Rocco. They’d knock and wave and it was the cutest thing ever. I just love their connection here.2014-12-10_0007

/8/ I love this one for two reasons… 1) Jonah is just so stinking cute and I vividly remember this stage of constantly chewing on everything. And 2) because it reminds me of what an unsung hero my husband is.2014-12-10_0008

/9/ This is probably one of the best photos I’ve ever taken and I’m so grateful I happened to be standing in the right place at the right time so I could capture this moment between Jonah and my dad.2014-12-10_0009

/10/ Not the best photo from a technical standpoint, but one I love dearly because of my mom’s expression. She’s so silly with my kids, so free. She wasn’t always like this and it makes me so happy to see her this way now. My kids are immensely lucky to have her for their Nana.2014-12-10_0010

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