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/10 on 10/ September

Doing something a bit different this month… All of the previous month’s I’ve documented an entire day, so I’m switching it up and documenting a single moment this month. These are from the cabin over Labor Day weekend. Emma had been fishing with her little toy fishing pole for the past year and this trip she was ready to fish for real… I’m so so grateful I had my camera with me as this all unfolded!

2014-09-09_0001 2014-09-09_0002 2014-09-09_0003 2014-09-09_0004 2014-09-09_0005 2014-09-09_0006 2014-09-09_0007 2014-09-09_0008 2014-09-09_0009 2014-09-09_0010

I’m joined in this project by a group of amazing photographers… head on over to Davina’s blog to see a day in her life, then continue around the circle until you end up back here!

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/365/ Every Day in August

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2014-09-03_0001 2014-09-03_0021 2014-09-03_0022 2014-09-03_0023


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\Letters to My Children\ August


What a month this was for us… you had your mini summer break from school, which meant you were home with me for two whole weeks. I had to work some of the days, which we both thought was a bummer, but the other days were jam packed with fun. We made new friends, had naughty treats, and went on lots of adventures… long walks to the park, laughing at Mary Poppins, jumping into the pit at gymnastics open gym, new books from the library,  walking Rocco, exploring Fountain Rock, a playdate at Lilypons with Christopher, and that was just the first week! 2014-08-28_0001


2014-08-28_0005 2014-08-28_0006



You even helped nurse me back to health when I came down with a bad stomach bug.


Our second week at home brought more new adventures. I worked for the first couple of days, but then I was off for the whole rest of the week! Our first adventure was to Glen Echo park for a puppet show (which you loved) and more playing in the park. Nana and I were so excited to take you there because her parents took HER there when she was a little girl, and my parents took ME there when I was was a little girl. It was so special to see it new again through your eyes.

(This is your “I was super excited to go on this ride but now I’m actually on it and will remain expressionless until it ends” face. Any type of ride, it never fails. Daddy and I love it.)


The next day it was back to our house for some pool time. We’re all going to miss the nice pools here once we move, so it was nice to get to go a few more times before summer ends.


For our last (week)day of summer break we went to Catoctin Zoo and you looooved it. You sang “We’re going to the zoo, zoo, zoo. How about you, you, you…” all the way there, and ran from habitat to habitat remarking on all the animals. You especially loved feeding the deer and llamas.




After the zoo we went to the Roads and Rails museum and you had so much fun pushing all the buttons to make the trains go.


Our two weeks flew by, and even though we were both pretty tired and ready to get back to our normal routines, it was still bittersweet to have it come to an end. We so rarely get time just the two of us anymore. I obviously love Jonah to pieces, as do you, and there’s nothing I enjoy more than hanging out as a family – but to have time where it could just be us, going on new adventures, laughing, snuggling, not having to ask you to wait while I finish nursing Jonah, not feeling like I’m being pulled in a million directions and unable to give you as much attention as I’d like. Well, it was pretty darn glorious for both of us.

But all good things must come to an end… Monday I got back to work, and you started Primary. Seeing how big you looked on that first day of school made me even more grateful for those two weeks together, when it felt like – ever so briefly – time slowed down a little.


I love you, my darling girl. Only 360-something days until next summer break.


I encourage you to head over to my lovely friend Lucy’s blog (Philadelphia Family Photographer, Lucy Baber Photography) to read her letter to her children.


\10 on 10\ August

Park + Pool + Kidstock = best Saturday we’ve had in a long time…

\1\ The only benefit to waking up so early

\2\ Digging2014-08-09_0002

\3\ Thirsty2014-08-09_0003

\4\ Adult swim2014-08-09_0004

\5\ Chompers2014-08-09_0005

\6\ Metamorphosis 2014-08-09_0006

\7\ Festival kid2014-08-09_0007

\8\ Big Blue

\9\ Like no one’s watching

\10\ Sunset over Kidstock

I’m joined in this project by a group of amazing photographers… head on over to Christine’s blog to see a day in her life, then continue around the circle until you end up back here!


/365/ Every Day in July

2014-07-31_0001 2014-07-31_0002 2014-07-31_0003 2014-07-31_0004 2014-07-31_0005 2014-07-31_0006 2014-07-31_0007 2014-07-31_0008 2014-07-31_0009 2014-07-31_0010 2014-07-31_0011 2014-07-31_0012 2014-07-31_0013 2014-07-31_0014 2014-07-31_0015 2014-07-31_0016 2014-07-31_0017 2014-07-31_0018 2014-07-31_0019 2014-07-31_0020 2014-07-31_0021 2014-07-31_0022 2014-07-31_0023 2014-07-31_0024 2014-07-31_0025 2014-07-31_0026 2014-07-31_0027 2014-07-31_0028 2014-07-31_0029 2014-07-31_0030 2014-07-31_0031