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/10 on 10/ December

It’s my last 10 on 10 post of the year! Instead of sharing my usual 10 photos from a single day, I thought I’d do a year-end recap of my 10 favorite photos from 2014. I’m a little relieved that these were much harder to narrow down than I thought – a sign that I should feel really happy with my photography this year. In past years I had many technically good photos, or photos that were personally meaningful, but not many that accomplished both. This year was different. I discovered my vision, I captured what I wanted to remember, I took photos that made my heart sing. So without further adieu, my top 10 for 2014 (in chronological order)…

/1/ Oh, this face. This photo is just so her… girly, but messy, sweet but a little mischievous. Every cup of hot cocoa after sledding was an event unto itself last winter, and I reveled in watching her enjoy every last drop.2014-12-10_0001

/2/ This photo… this photo is every photographer mom’s holy grail. Both kids smiling and looking at the camera in good light. It happens once in a blue moon, and I’m so happy it happened by chance because it makes this photo that much more meaningful for me. Both still in their PJs, Emma’s hair a mess, Jonah snuggling with Emma’s lovey. Had I tried to plan this, it wouldn’t have worked nearly as well or meant nearly as much. I will love this photo forever and ever.2014-12-10_0002

/3/ This photo makes my heart so happy… I hope I can always make her feel this content and secure.2014-12-10_0003

/4/ This photo means so much more to me than meets the eye. This was taken at the cabin and it was one of her very first times having french braids. She looked so grown up. But just under the braid you can see the tick bite on her neck – a traumatic experience for all involved and juxtaposed with the braid it was a reminder to me that she’s still so vulnerable. She was laying on her daddy’s lap here and I remember feeling in that moment how this photo still makes me feel… in awe of her beauty, her fragility, the ache of a mama’s heart who can’t stop time.2014-12-10_0004

/5/ As much as I want to remember the good stuff, it’s important to remember the struggle, too. So many nights after work and daycare were spent just like this. All Jonah wanted was to be held by his mama, but dinner had to get made. I was already so tired, but couldn’t say no to that face, those eyes. So this was our beautiful compromise.2014-12-10_0005

/6/ My favorite shots of Emma are always the ones where I feel like I thoroughly capture her personality. This kid has energy for days and jumping on the bed is one of her all-time favorite things to do.2014-12-10_0006

/7/ This is my second favorite image of the two of them. Every morning they would stand at that window and watch their dad walking Rocco. They’d knock and wave and it was the cutest thing ever. I just love their connection here.2014-12-10_0007

/8/ I love this one for two reasons… 1) Jonah is just so stinking cute and I vividly remember this stage of constantly chewing on everything. And 2) because it reminds me of what an unsung hero my husband is.2014-12-10_0008

/9/ This is probably one of the best photos I’ve ever taken and I’m so grateful I happened to be standing in the right place at the right time so I could capture this moment between Jonah and my dad.2014-12-10_0009

/10/ Not the best photo from a technical standpoint, but one I love dearly because of my mom’s expression. She’s so silly with my kids, so free. She wasn’t always like this and it makes me so happy to see her this way now. My kids are immensely lucky to have her for their Nana.2014-12-10_0010

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/Letters to My Children/ November



Oh, my little guy. What a couple months you’ve had since turning 1! You got your tubes in, your hearing vastly improved, and you decided you were done with this whole easy going, unflappable baby business. You are still the happiest, smiley little guy, but man – when you want something, you REALLY want it and you get quite frustrated when you don’t get your way. In other words, you’re a toddler now! I wasn’t quite ready for that development, but along with the emotional roller coaster has come some pretty awesome stuff… like talking and walking! You took your first steps around 13 months, and have slowly but surely getting that whole balance thing down. Every day you walk out a little further, and your confident cruising has all but replaced crawling.


You have also become quite the little climber! We can’t seem to keep you off the furniture, and while this makes me and Daddy pretty nervous, you’re always so careful getting up and coming down.

2014-12-01_0009 2014-12-01_0011 2014-12-01_0012

I think my favorite thing about you at this age is how silly and playful you are. You love playing with your sister (even when she smothers you) and we’re already getting glimpses of the trouble you two are going to get into when you get a little older. You still love playing peek-a-boo, and have found a new love in taking things apart while making as much noise as possible.


2014-12-01_0003 2014-12-01_0006

From toddler to teenager, and even when you’re old like me and Daddy, we’ll always love you no matter what. But, you know, if you could slow down time between now and then, that would be super. :)


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/10 on 10/ November

/1/ He’s a climber, alright

/2/ Bounce house fun2014-11-10_0002

/3/ Jonah was a big fan2014-11-10_0003

/4/ Kicking back with Phonics Island


/5/ Always so happy when he wakes up from a nap2014-11-10_0010

/6/ Rollin’, rollin’, rollin’…2014-11-10_0008

/7/ Asleep at the wheel2014-11-10_0004

/8/ Look at me, mama!2014-11-10_0005

/9/ Love that smile2014-11-10_0006

/10/ Golden girl2014-11-10_0007

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/Letters to My Children/ October


Whew! What a month October was for us! We usually try to avoid throwing a ton of change at you all at once, but this month it was pretty unavoidable. We kicked off the month by moving into our new house, and while Daddy and I were super worried about how you’d react to the move, you handled everything with patience and understanding well beyond your 3 years. You really seem to love the new house, having more space, and you especially love having a playroom.


Only a few days after moving, we left for our long awaited beach vacation. You were SO excited to spend a whole week at the beach and couldn’t wait to dig your toes into the sand. We ate lots of Kohr’s ice cream and we even bought you your very own kite. You loved running with Daddy to get it up in the air, then you’d take over the string and fly it all by yourself!


You and Zachary ran each other ragged each day, laughing one minute and bickering the next (like typical toddlers!) And you got lots of special time with Nana and Grandpa Ed.2014-11-03_0003 2014-11-03_0004 2014-11-03_0005

I’ll never forget you feeding the seagulls on one of our last days there. You were completely fearless, holding up the bread and letting them snatch it out of your hand. You were in heaven and could have spent all afternoon running around feeding those birds.2014-11-03_0006


Not long after we got home from the beach, you had a school closure and we got to spend a special day just the two of us. While it’s often hard for me to manage work and play on those days, I always look forward to them because spending time with you is one of my all time favorite things to do!


We finally trekked out to the pumpkin patch at Gaver Farm, and you had a blast. I think you tried every single activity they had, but your favorite was the cow train. (Which of course I didn’t get a picture of!) You also had a school field trip to Mayne’s and got to pick out even more pumpkins. It was so fun getting to see you with all your little school friends. 2014-11-03_0010 2014-11-03_0011

Lastly, the day you’d been waiting for most of all – HALLOWEEN! There is no article of clothing you’ve been more excited to wear than your Rapunzel dress. (Even now that Halloween is over you like to go into your closet and touch it, and your whole face lights up!) You looked perfect, and having Jonah as your Pascal made it even more fantastic. Once it was time for trick-or-treating you were super shy at first, but after a few houses you really got the hang of it and were running up ringing doorbells all by yourself. We were very proud of you, and it was impossible not to stand back and feel like you were growing up right before our eyes.2014-11-03_0012

It was a month for the record books, my little love, filled with memories that I hope will last a lifetime. <3


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/10 on 10/ October

We’re at the beach this week and this has been one of my favorite days so far…

/1/ morning train

/2/ and she’s off2014-10-09_0002

/3/ races2014-10-09_0003

/4/ practicing her “guh-mastics”2014-10-09_0004

/5/ focused2014-10-09_0005

/6/ wedgie2014-10-09_0006

/7/ building Arendelle (of course)2014-10-09_0007

/8/ hide and seek with Nana2014-10-09_0008

/9/ found you!!

/10/ tickle time2014-10-09_0010

I’m joined in this project by a group of crazy talented photographers. I urge you to click over to Felicia’s blog to check out a day in her life.