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/10 on 10/ October

We’re at the beach this week and this has been one of my favorite days so far…

/1/ morning train

/2/ and she’s off2014-10-09_0002

/3/ races2014-10-09_0003

/4/ practicing her “guh-mastics”2014-10-09_0004

/5/ focused2014-10-09_0005

/6/ wedgie2014-10-09_0006

/7/ building Arendelle (of course)2014-10-09_0007

/8/ hide and seek with Nana2014-10-09_0008

/9/ found you!!

/10/ tickle time2014-10-09_0010

I’m joined in this project by a group of crazy talented photographers. I urge you to click over to Felicia’s blog to check out a day in her life.


/Jonah Month by Month/ One Year!

2014-09-30_0013 2014-09-30_0014 2014-09-30_0015 2014-09-30_0016 2014-09-30_0017 2014-09-30_0018 2014-09-30_0019 2014-09-30_0020 2014-09-30_0021 2014-09-30_0022 2014-09-30_0023

Happy Birthday, sweet boy!!!!2014-09-30_0024


/Letters to My Children/ September



I really can’t believe it, but tomorrow you will be ONE. Holy moly. Where did this past year go? It has been remarkable to watch you grow from this teeny tiny squish into a sweet, boisterous little boy.


Over the past few months your personality has really started to emerge and while I know I’m completely biased, you are one awesome kid. You are so stinkin’ sweet and funny and curious. You love nothing more than air drumming along to anything that even remotely sounds like music. I don’t know if you’re going to grow up to play an instrument, but you certainly love music – and that’s something your dad and I hope never changes.


You also love making a big ol’ mess. Whether it’s taking all the toys off the shelves or trying to get into Rocco’s food and water, it seems every time I turn around you’re surrounded by a mess – looking up at me and smiling big as can be. It’s a good thing you’re so cute!

2014-09-24_0005 2014-09-24_0007


I’m so honored to get this front row seat to your childhood… it’s pretty clear to everyone who meets you that you’re a special little guy. And while this milestone is a bit bittersweet for your sappy mama, it’s exciting to think about all the things this next year has in store for you. Walking, talking, climbing, chasing your sister around, and charming everyone with those huge blue eyes.



You light up my life, little boy of mine, and I feel blessed beyond belief that I get to be your mama – on your birthday and every day.


I encourage you to head over to my super talented friend Carrie’s blog (Seattle Family Photographer, YiLi Photography) to read her letter to her children.

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/10 on 10/ September

Doing something a bit different this month… All of the previous month’s I’ve documented an entire day, so I’m switching it up and documenting a single moment this month. These are from the cabin over Labor Day weekend. Emma had been fishing with her little toy fishing pole for the past year and this trip she was ready to fish for real… I’m so so grateful I had my camera with me as this all unfolded!

2014-09-09_0001 2014-09-09_0002 2014-09-09_0003 2014-09-09_0004 2014-09-09_0005 2014-09-09_0006 2014-09-09_0007 2014-09-09_0008 2014-09-09_0009 2014-09-09_0010

I’m joined in this project by a group of amazing photographers… head on over to Davina’s blog to see a day in her life, then continue around the circle until you end up back here!


/365/ Every Day in August

2014-09-03_0003 2014-09-03_0004 2014-09-03_0005 2014-09-03_0006 2014-09-03_0007 2014-09-03_0008 2014-09-03_0009 2014-09-03_0010 2014-09-03_0011 2014-09-03_0012 2014-09-03_0013 2014-09-03_0014 2014-09-03_0015 2014-09-03_0016 2014-09-03_0017 2014-09-03_0018 2014-09-03_0019 2014-09-03_0020

2014-09-03_0001 2014-09-03_0021 2014-09-03_0022 2014-09-03_0023


2014-09-03_0002 2014-09-03_0024 2014-09-03_0025 2014-09-03_0026 2014-09-03_0027 2014-09-03_0028 2014-09-03_0029 2014-09-03_0030